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Voices [forum]

Here's my concern... You see, and I do believe most of my country-people do realise this, that Nigeria is a concept. You have to live it to believe it. You have to be born to it to understand it...and more importantly, you have to love it to become it.

Now, of course this sounds like fancy PR for a country saddled with misleading labels like "Most Corrupt" - as if! We're just folks with a tenacity for life...is that so unreasonable?
  True, our leaders aren't the most judicious and you tend to be embarrassed by the polity at just about every Network News hour...but really that is beside the point.

Or perhaps that is the point.

Ours is heritage of survival. Africa is beautiful.
And I am a Nigerian. And this is all we're here about.

Hence the very brave and presuming efforts of this cyber-portal to function as an information resource centre on Nigeria.

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