Voices [forum]

Ahead LIVINGNIGERIA.COM is a concept and a community and the big idea is to put Nigerian pop-culture on the internet. I'm talking about a cohesive unit dedicated to stuff that is Nigerian.

So what can you expect to see in the coming months and years? For one thing, i hope this will become a place where you can see your image reflected and not have you go, "nah! that's not right. Where the heck did that <beep> come from?!"

There's stuff here for a younger demographic and for the Naija connoisseur: There's the journal-cum-blog which was originally proposed for ink and paper where you may scour articles on everyday-things everyday-people think about. Or you could touch base at our library, it just may be worth the visit for data-junkies. Its growing everyday.

And you know there's more - but i'm not going to get into that just yet. Sha, brace yourselves though 'cos it could get ugly!

This is just for starters!

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